Dental Cleanings & Exams

Dental Cleanings & Exams

If you want to keep your oral health in check, it is essential to opt for routine cleanings and examinations. Merely brushing and flossing your teeth doesn’t keep germs and bacteria away. Moreover, the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your teeth and gum line is not removed completely by following these practices. As a result, these deposits spread to other parts of your teeth and cause tooth decay and gum infection.

Dental cleaning involves the removal of such build-up from your teeth and gum line, thus protecting your mouth from tooth decay and gum disease. Similarly, dental examinations include a thorough check-up of your mouth. Visiting for regular dental examinations constitutes a part of preventive health care.

What Happens During Dental Cleaning?

During the procedure, we scrape off the tartar and plaque accumulated on the surface of your teeth and gumline. We use a dental instrument called a scaler to do this. After removing the build-up, we rinse your mouth with water to eliminate debris particles.

We will apply an abrasive, grainy paste to an electronic toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. This electronic brushing is followed by rinsing your mouth again. We will then floss between each tooth to give your mouth deep cleaning. The results of teeth cleaning are incredible. This procedure creates a smooth surface on your teeth which further makes it hard for new plaque or tartar to build on them.

What Happens During Dental Examination?

A routine dental examination is essential to keep dental issues at bay. We suggest you opt for a regular dental check-up once every six months. During the examination, we will carry out a visual check-up of your mouth. It involves using a small angled mirror to check the inside of your mouth. We will inspect your gums for redness, swelling, or other concerns.

We may also take X-rays and scans of your teeth and gum line and check your upper and lower teeth for any evidence of TMJ or teeth grinding. The dental examination also involves oral cancer screening. We will check your lymph glands, neck, palate, cheeks, tongue, and lips for the symptoms of infection or oral cancer. Upon finding any abnormal bruising, swelling, or lesions, we will recommend other tests and scans.

Oral cancer screening helps to detect cancer at an early stage to treat it on time. We may also send these reports to an oncologist.

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