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Your dentist, Dr. Mark Hughen, strongly encourages brushing your teeth every morning and night for two minutes each time. Do you ever wonder why? If so, you have come to the right blog. Today, our dental team will be happy to discuss the benefits of brushing to help you understand the reasons why brushing is so important. The benefits of brushing are:

-Brushing helps you prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. This is very beneficial because tooth decay and gum disease are two of the most serious and dangerous dental issues. Brushing helps prevent these problems because it removes the plaque and bacteria from the teeth and gumline.

-Brushing helps you prevent major overall health problems, like heart disease, stroke, preterm labor for women, and more. This is because gum disease has been found to have a relationship with these health issues. So, if you prevent gum disease by brushing, you can prevent or reduce the effects of these health problems.

-Brushing can help you have a more appealing smile. This is because it helps you prevent cavities and tooth loss (which are issues that can affect the appearance of your smile) and it helps you remove tooth stains from your chompers, especially if you use the right oral hygiene tools, like teeth whitening products.

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