Emergency Dentistry 79705

If you experience a dental emergency, it is vital that you see the dentist as soon as possible. At our office, we offer emergency dentistry 79705, including same-day appointments.

When Should You See an Emergency Dentist?

If you find yourself in an emergency situation – such as a tooth that’s knocked out or broken – it’s important to call your dentist right away for emergency dentistry 79705. A broken tooth could lead to an infection if not properly treated as soon as possible. If your tooth was knocked loose due to trauma or an accident, you should also get to the dentist as quickly as possible in order to seal the tooth up and prevent further damage. In some cases, you may even be able to reimplant your lost tooth if you act very quickly!

Even if it’s not a true emergency, you can call your dentist and ask for advice on what you should do if you’re in pain or have an aching jaw. They may be able to recommend some over-the-counter pain relief medications to help give you some relief from the discomfort until you can get into the dentist’s office.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Some common types of dental emergencies include –

  • A tooth that has fallen out due to an accident or injury, such as a sports injury or car accident
  • Severe toothache or pain after eating hot or cold foods
  • Swelling of the jaw or face due to a cracked or broken tooth
  • Infection of a tooth or gums
  • Abscessed or infected teeth
  • Objects stuck between teeth
  • Broken braces, wires, or brackets

No matter what type of emergency you’re facing, it’s important to receive treatment as soon as possible to prevent further complications and relieve pain. If you experience these symptoms, call your dentist right away. You can also come directly to our office for emergency dentistry 79705. 

Need emergency dental care? Schedule a consultation for emergency dentistry 79705. 


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