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The best food choices are ones that can keep your teeth and gums safe. As many substances are known to cause harm to your waistline, the same substance often can cause harm to your gum line as well. Be aware of products such as sugars and carbs that have been shown to help increase the rate of dental erosion due to the fact they can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth. However, it does not mean you can’t still enjoy foods that you love because there are several substances that are high in enamel-building minerals.

Two of the most important minerals for strengthening your smile are calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are beneficial to your teeth and gums because they have been shown to help remineralize your teeth. Typical products that have been shown to include these minerals include nuts and cheese as well as meats such a chicken.

It is essential that your body is producing enough saliva to keep your mouth clean. Saliva helps wash away food debris particles that may build up, and thus, are an extremely effective tool for limiting plaque buildup. Furthermore, saliva can also neutralize acids and aid in the prevention of cavities. To help produce additional saliva, look for foods that have a high water content and are crunchy. Typical examples are apples and pears. Furthermore, chewing sugarless gum after meals has also been shown to help produce additional saliva.

Exercise caution with your oral health care in regard to your diet. Avoid eating any kind of snacks between meals as it can increase the rate at which tooth decay occurs. Thus, you will need to eliminate snacking as much as possible. Snacking can be harmful to your oral health because it can put you at an increased risk of tooth decay due to the fact that food particles and debris will linger on your teeth for longer periods of time.

Optimum oral health care success comes courtesy of healthy foods to eat. You are welcome to call Primary Dental Clinic at our dentist office in Midland, Texas, at 432-570-7080. Dr. Mark Hughen and our entire team look forward to seeing you soon!