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Do you have a damaged tooth in your smile that could use a little help? If tooth decay, an oral injury resulting in a broken tooth, or root canal treatment has left you with a tooth needing repair or strengthening, a dental crown restoration might just be the right fix for you. Dental crowns are caps that fit over the tooth, giving you a natural-looking replacement.

Dental crowns have many benefits. They are permanently cemented into place and effectively cover the visible part of the tooth (or dental implant) that lies above the gum line. A dental crown essentially becomes the tooth’s surface which restores the full function of the tooth while also looking nice.

Dental crowns come in a variety of materials. Depending on the material used, you can reinforce and strengthen the tooth. Crown materials include porcelain or other dental ceramic, metals, or porcelain-fused-to-metal option. Your dentist will evaluate your situation to help you find a good choice for your needs.

Crowns can be made onsite or offsite in a lab, where a dental technician uses impressions of your teeth to carefully create your crown. These impressions allow the technician to simulate the bite and jaw movements to better customize the replacement tooth.

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