Treatments Available for Bleeding Gums

Treatments Available for Bleeding Gums

Posted by PRIMARY DENTAL CLIINC on May 11 2022, 10:17 AM

While brushing, do your gums bleed? Bleeding gums may be a sign of gum disease if left untreated. Due to poor oral hygiene, there exist millions of harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and buildup of plaque at your gum line. Hence, it is essential to take steps to minimize gum damage and discomfort.

Effective Ways to Prevent Your Bleeding Gums

Occasional bleeding in the gum may just be the aftereffect of vigorous toothbrushing or incorrect fit of dentures. But frequent gum bleeding may result in gingivitis, periodontitis, leukemia, and vitamin deficiency. Here are a few ways to prevent bleeding in the gums at the initial stage.

  • Practice good oral hygiene habits
  • Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash
  • Take more Vitamin C and Vitamin K through food or supplements
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco use
  • Apply a cold compress to avoid swelling
  • Rinse your mouth with warm saline water
  • Follow a nutrient- and vitamin-rich diet
  • Regularly have dental checkups to spot plaque and tartar

Treatment for Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are the cause of gum diseases. This results in inflammation of the gum line which in turn affects the bone that surrounds or supports the teeth. Treatment options may vary depending upon the stage of gum disease and the overall health of a patient according to their medical history.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Deep Cleaning: Carried out in the initial stage of gum disease, the dentist does the deep cleaning by removing the plaque between the gum line. This will save the gum and reduce the further progression of the disease.

Scaling and  Root Planing: Plaque and tartar are removed from above and below the gum line by providing local anesthesia. Then, rough spots are smoothened to remove the bacteria. 

Surgical Treatment Options
  • Flap Surgery: A small incision is made on the gum to remove the tartar and the irregular surface of the bone is smoothened. This surgical treatment helps to remove the gap between gums and teeth.
  • Bone Graft: The bone graft method is used to regenerate the bone that is destroyed due to gum disease.
  • Soft Tissue Graft: Soft Tissue Graft is used to treat receding gums. Gums are taken from part of the mouth and stitched to the area of gum recession.

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