The Truth About Root Canals; Why They Aren't So Bad

The Truth About Root Canals; Why They Aren't So Bad

Posted by PRIMARY DENTAL CLINIC on Dec 1 2020, 12:05 AM

People get scared when they hear the word root canal and majorly because they immediately associate it with the pain. Of all the pains in the human body, the pain in the oral cavity because of the tooth is horrifying and is the prime reason people pull off their tooth or go for a root canal. 

Root Canal is the procedure that is used to clear the dead tissue and bacteria from the deep cavity of the tooth before filling it. The main purpose of carrying out a root canal is to preserve the tooth, and it, in turn, helps in the proper functioning of teeth in activities like chewing. 

But unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to the root canal. Let's discuss some of the facts about it.  

They Are No More Painful

If the truth must be told then, the pain that you experience due to the infection of the tooth is far more horrifying than the pain you imagine during the root canal procedure. Today the root canal is extremely painless when done under local anesthesia. We at Primary Dental have housed extremely talented professionals who will carry out the procedure very precisely, and you will realize that the pain involved is less compared to the regular cavity filling. 

Avoid Dental Implants

Though it is amazing due to the grace of technology, one always has the option of having dental implants, which allows you to replace the missing tooth and get closer to having an aesthetic look. It is usually advised to preserve your natural tooth every time by following the proper oral hygiene and getting regular dental check-ups done. We at Primary Dental not only treat our patients but also educate them on necessary oral hygiene steps as well. 

Worthy Results 

The best feeling is to have the tooth back, which functions like before without any trouble. Though you might encounter some amount of pain immediately after the procedure is done, as the pain subsides, the tooth comes to the normal state, and the best part is you don't have to experience that pain again. This result is promising, and it will help function the teeth properly like before. 

Leave behind all the myths associated with the root canals and only trust the facts given by the professional dentists, and most importantly, get the root canal done before it is too late. 

If you live in the Midland, Texas, area, and you are experiencing symptoms of severe tooth decay or abscess, you should call 432-570-7080 to seek professional treatment with Dr. Mark Hughen.

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